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Every model within the site is something special. These are not average girls by any means. Hand picked and cast for beauty and innate sensuality, these babes really do inspire a sense of wow.

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The quest to spot public nudity is kind of becoming a thing for me. I see so many porn sites with scenes done in public spots. I am always so jealous of the lucky bastards who unexpectedly happen across it. I would love to just be walking down the street one day and come across a nude model fingering her pussy while I take a shortcut. I’ve seen some partially naked drug addicts, and have come across a couple of transients fucking, but that was all pretty gross. It’s just not as appealing as what I see inside of the FTV Girls site.

In all fairness, most of their “public” scenes aren’t really showing a bunch of passerby in the background, so they must be very good at securing the right locations. Still, some of these chicks are walking in nothing but high heels down sidewalks with store fronts. These are obviously real places that I really need to visit.

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Lena Paul is a hot young pornstar with a perfect pair of naturally busty tits and a smooth shaven pussy. This is a babe who looks great both dressed and undressed, as well as on her back. My favorite view of Lena, however, is when she is taking a big cock up her tight ass.

Take advantage of this 70% off discount to, so that you can watch Lena in wonderfully explicit action. She has two videos inside of the site so far, “Flirting in French” and “CU4 Anal”. Both are hardcore and both show off just how incredibly sexy she is.

Lena starts things off all by herself doing a hot striptease. The camera lingers over all the right places. Watching her shaking that ass is spellbinding. Once all the clothes are off, she lies in bed and fingers both her holes. It’s a fun introduction to the model before the real porn starts.

Lena is held by the throat as she kisses her man. He then puts his face on her tits and starts running his tongue all over her nipples. He fingers her pussy and eats her ass before finally fucking that tight hole until his balls explode.

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I wish I could tell you that finding more pussy and banging that pussy is as simple as buying a product. I mean browsing profiles on feels like shopping sometimes. But seriously. I wish I could tell you that there’s some sort of magical pill or magical capsule that you just go to a drugstore for.

You go home, get a glass of water, take the pill and all of a sudden, you get transformed into a magical pimp that women simply cannot resist. I wish such a product does exist because it would make life so much easier. Seriously.

There’s a reason why there are so many cats in any American neighborhood. These cats are all over the place because when the female cats are in heat, they are not shy. They start calling out to male cats. They start rubbing on fences or anything hard. In other words, they are giving out signals to the universe that they are ready to fuck.

Part of me wishes that human beings are like that as well. That they just give a clear, unmistakable signal to the universe and guys show up all over the place and fuck them like stray cats. Problem solved, right? Well, not quite.

The truth is, human beings have evolved so that females no longer go in heat. That’s just the price we pay for civilization. That’s the price we pay for running water and electricity.

So the core to success with lonely wife hookups is to avoid searching for shortcuts. Seriously. Cut that shit out of your mind. Instead, assume that you will put in the work. Assume that banging hot chicks through lonely wife hookups is a worthy activity.

Get rid of your guilt. If you’re able to do this, then you will increase the likelihood that you will be banging one lonely wife after the other.

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