If you’re the typical dude, you probably are all excited about adult hook up sites. In your mind, you probably think that these websites have solved all the typical problems that you normally encounter or think of when you try to hookup. For the most part, you would be absolutely correct because let’s face it as recently as 10 years ago it was really quite convoluted to hook up online

I’m not even talking about anonymous sex. We’re talking about just typical dates. You have to jump through so many hoops, put up so much bullshit, and otherwise go through so much hassle. In many situations, guys simply gave up on online adult dating because they don’t want to be people that they’re not. They don’t want to pretend to be people that they’re not.

I really can’t say I blame them. There was a tremendous amount of pressure and in many cases your ego really took a hit if you get rejected online. Do you see how this all works out?

Well, casual hookups and online hook up sites have completely revolutionized the online dating game. You can hookup quickly, safely, anonymously and this is just all about sex. There’s no need to get emotionally entangled. There’s no need to ask about her boyfriend or girlfriend, or if she’s bisexual, there’s no need to do any of that bullshit. It’s all about wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am and it’s awesome, right?

Well, the issue here now is one of rising expectations. People have discovered that adult hook up sites truly deliver, so guess what happened? Their expectations get higher and higher that they’ve reached such a ridiculously unrealistic scenario. It’s not enough to get your dick blown by a good-looking college chick, age 19 to 21. Now she has to look like a super model. Also, she has to have some serious head game. I’m talking like making you ejaculate in their mouths several times over. Do you see how unrealistic this is?

Unfortunately, that’s human nature. Whenever we achieve some level of success, we always think about something bigger, better, and brighter. I really can’t say I’m surprised, but it really is somewhat disappointing.

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