I wish I could tell you that finding more pussy and banging that pussy is as simple as buying a product. I mean browsing profiles on https://www.localpussy.org feels like shopping sometimes. But seriously. I wish I could tell you that there’s some sort of magical pill or magical capsule that you just go to a drugstore for.

You go home, get a glass of water, take the pill and all of a sudden, you get transformed into a magical pimp that women simply cannot resist. I wish such a product does exist because it would make life so much easier. Seriously.

There’s a reason why there are so many cats in any American neighborhood. These cats are all over the place because when the female cats are in heat, they are not shy. They start calling out to male cats. They start rubbing on fences or anything hard. In other words, they are giving out signals to the universe that they are ready to fuck.

Part of me wishes that human beings are like that as well. That they just give a clear, unmistakable signal to the universe and guys show up all over the place and fuck them like stray cats. Problem solved, right? Well, not quite.

The truth is, human beings have evolved so that females no longer go in heat. That’s just the price we pay for civilization. That’s the price we pay for running water and electricity.

So the core to success with lonely wife hookups is to avoid searching for shortcuts. Seriously. Cut that shit out of your mind. Instead, assume that you will put in the work. Assume that banging hot chicks through lonely wife hookups is a worthy activity.

Get rid of your guilt. If you’re able to do this, then you will increase the likelihood that you will be banging one lonely wife after the other.

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So I took off all my shit, and we just fucking knocked it out. I mean, she loved being fucked while she’s walking, so she wanted to cover as many different parts of that building as possible. It was really crazy. And she would, like, put her foot up around my neck, so she’s standing with one leg around my neck, and I was banging her standing up. We were, like, trying to basically act out the Kama Sutra, you know. It was fucking crazy, sweaty, stinky, and nasty. And that’s what made it fun, you know.

For that one fucking point in my life, I was able to let go of all my fucking rules of what is right, what I should do. And all this shit that really came from a place of fear, you know. I was just letting my fear get the best of me, and Becky really blew all that fucking shit away. I mean, literally. She sucked my dick several times, but she blew that shit away by telling me, “You know, you have to get out of your secret hidden place, because the more you stay within your comfort zone, the more the walls of your comfort zone become prisons. Ultimately, you’re the only person in charge of your personal happiness. And happiness can also be reached through exercising your curiosity.” So we just banged the fuck out of that building.

I never saw Becky again after that. Several years later, I met up with a friend of mine, and we were talking about our college years and using sites like FindFuckFriends. Becky came up, and just for shits and giggles, we decided to look her up on LinkedIn on our mobile phones. Lo and behold, Becky is now a congressional senior staffer for a heavy hitter in Washington, D.C. That chick knew what she wanted, and she knew how to get it. More power to her. Thank you, Becky, for popping my adult dating cherry. She was definitely my Berkeley adult dating bear.

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